2006 Ropeskipping for Fireflies

  released 2006 Labelman

  15 tracks   54:37 

 + bonus CD Dance Music for Dying Soldiers           




01 Tom Cat Power - first song for 2M to sing
Mark E Didn't Make It - song for mark e smith to sing
Negativman - song for ian curtis to sing
Blumenfeld - song for a bird to sing
I don't Belong Here - another song for 2M to sing
Freedom of Speech - one more for 2M to sing, the second part for femi kuti
07 No Deal - song for mark lanegan to sing
08 Little things - song for leonard cohen and cat power to sing
Crocodiles - song for kim gordon and neil young to sing
Clowns - intense song for mike watt to sing
CanciÚn de deseo y pasiÚn - song for nýria lopŤz to sing

12 Ghetto Song - song for elvis to sing
13 Wolfram 74 - song for another elvis to sing
Viva Hesabaya Morente - song for dr das to sing
Mbr Ah - song for everyone else to sing in peace and harmony and with the empathy for the oppressed peoples and thoughts of our planet 



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Mixed at Dolf's Place and Mastered at Loud Amsterdam Holland , June 2005 by Zlaya and Dolf

Egineered and recorded By Dolf Morzel p 

Recorded at La Girada Mantet France, June 2005 by Dolf, except for the voices of Elvis, George, Doreen and the sonic Horse Foundation, Recorded in Nieuwerkerken Belgium , June 2005

The Band:
Genis U:  guitars and vocals  -  Krist of G: drums and percussion, backing vocals   -  Zeert Willem G: bass guitar 

2M: lead vocals on Tom Cat Power, I Don't Belong Here and Freedom of Speech, Backing Vocals on Freedom of Speech and Viva Hesbaya Morente, Handclaps on No Deal -  Guy A3Aensen:  accordeon on Little Things and I Don't Belong Here - Erica de La Girada: vox on Little Things and clarinet on Little Things - Dolf Morzel P: lead guitar on Viva Hesbaya Morente , handclaps on No Deal and 550 sheep on Mbr Ah - Mr Raindeer: Samples and Beats on Freedom of Speech, Little Things, Ghetto Song, Wolfram 74, Viva Hesbaya Morente and Mbr Ah, Virtual Rhodes Piano on Wolfram 74 - Joany L: vox on Little Things, back vox on Freedom of Speech and Viva Hesbaya Morente - George Stephenson: vox on Viva Hesbaya Morente - Elvis Peeters: Vox on Wolfram 74 - Julie Arasa: conga's on Tom Cat Power and Mbr Ah, handclaps on CanciÚn - Eric Van Looveren: Darbuka and handclaps  on CanciÚn - Bally Sagoo: Bhangra Break Beats on Freedom of Speech and Viva Hesbaya Morente - Doreen Kraxberger: Vox on Blumenfeld - The Sonic Horse Foundation are Saana Sini Satu, Rauna Tellu Murskytuuli and Aki Uula Ilari, doing their thing on Tom Cat Power - The Ahmed Al Massouf Memorial Choir are Genis U, Zeert Willem G, Krist of G, 2M, Joany L, Mr Raindeer and Roel the Dildo Man

Design: blink 

Lyrics an Music: By Genis U and Zeer Willem g, except story in Dutch on Wolfram 74 by Elvis Peeters: German translation of Blumenfeld by Doreen Kraxberger: Mbr Ah is based on a gnawa traditional


Press file:

Itís the era of artistic resurrection of 80ís indie bands and artists: together with great albums from e.g. The Fall and Gang of Four or new projects like Githead of Wireís Colin Newman Belgian Indie Rock Godfathers Perverted (founded in 1984) kick back with an exciting new release breathing hope, resistance and vitality.

 In their 20-year existence they released 7 great albums (previously as Perverted By Desire). Their 8th is called 'Rope Skipping For Fireflies' and is recorded in the beautiful setting of the French Pyrenees, in a place called Mantet, 80 km east of Daliís centre of the world, La gare de Perpignan. Completely isolated from the outside world, Perverted have crafted their most diverse album yet. Their trademark guitar sound remains intact, but is spiced up with influences from all over the globe.

 On the guest list amongst others female singer 2M, the beats and samples from mister Raindeer (who is doing really well recently in Tokamat Fusion Test Reactor) and another contribution by Elvis Peeters (from the infamous band Aroma di Amore, nominated for two literature prizes, Gouden Uil and Libris). Dolf Planteijdt (The Ex, De Kift) recorded and mixed the album together with Zlaya Hadic (Sonic Youth, Low, Motorpsycho, Tortoise).

 As an extra their brilliant debut record 'Dance Music For Dying Soldiers' is added. 'Dance Music...', the record that made long time Perverted-producer Kramer sign the band to his Shimmy Disc-label, was previously only released on vinyl and unavailable for ages. So a brand new and a very old 'Perverted'-classic in one package, now on Labelman.

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