1990 Dance Music for Dying Soldiers

  released 1990 Vinyl ADM Discs

  re-released CD 2006  Labelman

  15 tracks    46:38           





Side1 Grellig:
01 Don't Bother Me
02 6670-399
03 Killer Cake
04 Demolition
05 Body
06 Don't Let it Bring You Down (Neil Young)
07 Smell the Mire
08 Dance Music for Dying Doldiers

Side 2 Kerwellig:
09 Care
10 Intifada
11 She's Quite Fresh
12 Bruno
13 Garlic
14 Motorcycle Man
15 Young Guy

This debut album was remastered from vinyl (the mastertapes are lost and some happy owners have the vinyl version from 1990) by Zlaya and Dolf at Loud Amsterdam in December 2005

Originally recorded and mixed by Dolf at ADM Koeienverhuurbedrijf dans le port díamsterdam 5-9th of February 1990 (except the title track, recorded in Nieuwerkerken in 1986) as Perverted by Desire

Originally released on vinyl only as ADM discs 13975  P&© Entartete Sehnsucht 1990

Words and music by Perverted by Desire except Donít let it bring you down by Neil Young

The Band: 
Genis U: guitar, vocals, drum machine programming and tapes
K. Rel: guitars and keyboards
Bo Lemaitre: bass, sampler, tapes and vocals

Dolf: intermezzo flamencola on donít bother me
Guy A3Aensen: slide guitar on killer cake, donít let it bring you down and garlic
Saskia Furst: violin on bruno and garlic

artwork: nasser

LP 1 LP 2 LP 3 LP 4 LP 5





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