2000 Mock Tantrum

  released 2000 My First    Sonny Weissmuller    Recordings

  12 tracks    57:25    




01 Small Town
02 Darjeeling
03 El Verano de Fracasos Consecutivos (Song for K.J.)
04 Song to a Hidden Son
05 The Hurting Game
06 Volmaakte onbeweeglijkheid
07 It's Not Peculiar
08 Honsberg
09 Csezem
10 Wilson
11 Snappertuna
12 Headache


CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5 CD 6


Egineered and recorded By Dolf Morzel p 

Recorded Live MOD Hasselt july 10-12 2000 using 2 tube microphones and one DAT-machine. No overdubs, exept for the vocals of 2M on Headache and the crickets and voice samples of Ahmed, Isabela and Sara Vekeman & Kurt Geraerts (outro Small Town)

Mastered by Dolf & Zlaya at 'Loud', Amsterdam October 21 2000

The Band:
Genis U: guitars and vocals  -  Zeert Willem G: bass guitar - Bavd S: drums

Vandal Y: vocals on Small Town & Wilson, guitar on Csesem and Song to a Hidden Son - Vandal Z: vocals on It's Not Peculiar - Amarjeet Singh: tablas on Snappertuna & Headache - 2M: vocals on The Hurting Game & Headache - Elvis Peeters: vocals on Volmaakte Onbeweeglijkheid - Isabela Neascu: voice on Honsberg - Ahmed Al Massoef : chant on Snappertuna

Design and Photography: Nasser (thanks Nico)

Lyrics and Music: By Perverted, exept volmaakte Onbeweeglijkheid (lyrics Elvis Peeters), Honsberg (romanian lyric by Isabela Neascu), It's Not Peculiar (Hüsker Dü) and Headache (Au Pairs: Woods/Foad/Munro/Hammond)



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