2010 Vote Reverend Greed


 released october 2010 

  My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings

  10 tracks    45:18 




01 The Buzz of The Silent Show
02 Planet Fear
03 Thousandaire
04 Second Chance
05 Tenderness
06 Jindabyne
07 Night on Earth
08 Rom
09 Lorsqu'il Devient Rouge
10 Brilliant Idea


CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5


Mixed and Mastered at studio 150 Amsterdam, Holland , February-September 2009 by Zlaya Hadzich

Egineered and recorded in GAM Studios, Waimes, Belgium, Late December 2008 By Roel Vanaken 

The Band:
Genis U:  guitars, vocals and babytoys -  Bavd S: drums, shakers, brushes and 10 seconds of bass -  Zeert Willem G: bass guitar - 2M: vocals

George Stephenson:  voice on night on earth - Patrick Duquesne: voice on Lorsqu'il devient rouge - Sakurai singers are 2M, Saana and Liesbeth: backing vocals on Brilliant Idea - The Sonic Horse Foundation are Saana, Rauna, Senne, Aki, Robbert, William and Sir Artuur: Shouting on planet fear an brilliant idea - Corinne Aron:  backing vocals on Lorsqu'il devient rouge.

Design: blink 

Words: by Genis U Music by Perverted except Lorsqu'il devient rouge (words by Patrick Duquesne)

Samples from pierre Henry, grant hart, amarjeet singh and ranjit neauta, night on earth and fear and loathing in las vegas


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