2000 Staalkaart (Split EP with Vandal X/Geschmacksverstärker as Freestahlers)

  released 2000 My First Sonny Seismuller Recordings

  4 tracks   14:15           




01 Spank Me
02 Heks
03 Dry
04 Rob an Empty Shop

The project Staalkaart is the result of a free jam with members from Vandal X (Bart T.: voice, guitar and Flute), Geschmacksverstärcker (Olivier: voice - Rob: samples and beats), and Perverted 



CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5


Egineered and recorded By Raf Wathion 

Mastered and Edited by Alan Ward at Electric City Brussels Belgium February 10th 2000

Recorded Live, directly onto d.a.t. at the Cultuurruimte voor Jongeren, Nieuwerkerken, October 30th&31st 1999

The Band: 
Genis U: guitar and flute - Zeert willem g: bass guitar - Bavd S: drums 

2M: vocals on Spank Me an Rob an Empty Shop - Jef Bonneux: voice on Heks

Design: Raf Wathion

Lyrics an Music: Perverted, Vandal X and Geschmacksverstärker



perverted at myspace.com