1997 Båtsman Far

  released 1995 GAP Recordings

  14 tracks   60:08          





01 Love Theme From Hate Movie
02 Head East
03 Peter Burns
04 Mother Hate & Sister Revenge
05 Désir Loop
06 Fremdkörper
07 Avondland
08 Transparent Black Soul
09 Nasser's Campfire Song (A Shaggy Dog Story)
10 Islas Canabis
11 Spoken
12 Shriek
13 Storia Di Scatalogia


CD 1OR CD 2NO CD 3 CD 4 CD 5 CD 6

CD 7E CD 8 CD 9 CD 10 CD 11 CD 12

CD 13

CD 14


CD 15 


Mixed by Kramer & Dolf

Egineered and recorded By Dolf Morzel p 

Produced by Kramer, Steve Watson & Perverted

Recorded at Koeienverhuurbedrijf Amsterdam November 1997

Mastered by Dolf & Maarten de Boer

The Band: 
Genis U:  flutes and bells, tapes, banjo, guitars and vocals  -  K. Rel: vocals, keyboards and guitars  -  Zeert Willem G: bass guitar  -  Bavd S: drums and percussion

Anne Kahelin: vocals on Campfire Song -  Guy A3Aensen: slide guitar and accordeon on Campfire Song - Dolf Morzel P: afro guitar on Islas Cannabis - Vandal Y: vocals on Love Theme from Hate Movie - Vandal Z: backing vocals on Head East - Han Buhrs: vocals on Shriek - 2M: vocals on Campfire Song , vox on Transparent Black Soul - Judy Muthoni Karue: vocals on Islas Cannabis - Wing On Fung Woo: Chinese vox on Campfire Song - Felipe Deppe Alves: Brazilian vox on Campfire Song - Giovanni Marzo:
Latin vox on Mother Hate & Sister Revenge and Italian vox on Storia di Scatalogia - Henda: Tunesian Vox on Fremdkörper - Enio Pascucci: Italian vox on Storia di Scatalogia  

The putrid stinking vile disgusting hell choir: Anne Kahelin, Guy A3, Le Tout Perverted, Jas V, Vandal X and Diane Masset

Design: Nasser 

Lyrics an Music: By Perverted, exept vocal on Islas Canabis: Kikuyu Traditional

Samples from great movies, tv shows, people and plays such as do the richt thing; priscilla, queen of the desert; vi pa saltkrakan, pier paolo pasolini interviewed; i hired a contract killer; le temps des gitanes; the snapper;naked; kramer; saanasini satu




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