1996 For Lonely Men to Jerk Off To

  released 1995 GAP Recordings

  14 tracks   60:08          





01 Annual Meeting
02 Black Jesse 101 vs Bernie The Snapper
03 Magnum Opium
04 Amazing
05 Hose
06 Al Borde
07 Pickaxe
08 Hellsinki
09 Slint
10 Shoe the Size of Italy
11 Vandal Mancini
 [Pasolini Requiem]
12 Overture
13 Madras
14 What's Going On
15 The Children's Crusade
16 Perfect Day For a Violent Death
17 It Has Come to Nothing


CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5 CD 6

CD 7E CD 8 CD 9 CD 10 CD 11 CD 12

CD 13

CD 14

CD 15 


Mixed by Kramer

Egineered and recorded By Steve Watson 

Produced by Kramer, Steve Watson & Perverted

Recorded at Noise New Jersey USA february 1996

Mastered & edited at West West Side Music, New Jersey by Alan Douches, Kramer & Perverted

The Band:
Genis U: bolivian flute, baby toys, bird tweets, programming, guitars, lead and backing vocals - K. Rel: kalimba, kallebas, keyboards, lead and backing vocals and guitars - Zeert Willem G: tapes, backing vocals, voice and bass guitar - Bavd S: drums, dambhoerhein, kabassa, guiro, shaker, babymotorcycle, conga, claves and backing vocals

Anne Kahelin: ääni -  Guy A3Aensen: slide guitar, fingercymbals and backing vocals - Dolf Morzel P: guitar on overture and what's going on - Kramer: fuzz bass on children's crusade - Steve Watson: schmenges tuba solo - George Stephenson: voice on what's going on - Saana Sini Satu:
lead vocals on annual meeting - A3 C: lead vocals on magnum opium - Vandal X: shouting on vandal mancini - Cor d'Or: voice on madras - Giovanni Marzo: voice on what's going on

The putrid stinking vile disgusting hell choir: Anne Kahelin, Guy A3, Le Tout Perverted, Jas V, Vandal X and Diane Masset

Design: by r.e.l. (nasser), Photographs by Diane Masset (Perverted and Guests) and Nasser (Che)

Lyrics an Music: By Perverted, exept Overture and What's going on by Dolf and Perverted, Pickaxe by John S. Hall, Dave Rick, Chris Xefos, Vandal manicini lyrics by Vandal X. Children's crusade lyrics by Anne Kahelin & Perverted and Madras lyrics by Cor Gout

Samples from Braindead, Pasolini movies, Planet of the Apes and the US Army on LSD





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