1995 3 Songs (cd single)

  released 1995 GAP Recordings

  3 tracks   14:15            




01 Starpower
02 We Haven't Decided Yet
03 Moonseeds & Lunadust


CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5 CD 6


Produced and Mixed by Kramer

Egineered By Steve Watson 

Recorded at Noise New Jersey USA December 1994

The Band: 
Genis U: flutes, shaking eggs, tapes, guitars and vocals - K. Rel: keyboards, backing vocals and guitars - Zeert G: grumblin and bass guitar - Bavd S: drums, percussion and sighs

Anne Kahelin: lead vocals on Moonseeds & Lunadust and backing vocals -  Guy A3Aensen: slide guitar, backing vocals, french cuisine - George Stephenson: son of a god made up to make up to on We Haven't Decided Yet - Saana Sini Satu: voice and phones on Moonseeds & Lunadust 

Design: Drawings by Victoria Milroy, Photographs by Diane Masset 

Lyrics an Music: By Perverted, exept Starpower by Sonic Youth



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