1993 State of the Independents (Split EP with Junkfish/Wardance/Sigmund und Sein Freund/Kitchen of Insanity)

  released 1993 Manifesto Records

  5 tracks   20:48 



01 Junkfish:Moonhead
02 Perverted by Desire:Witch on a Horse with Devil
03 Wardance:You're So Right(Produced by Karel De Backer&Wardance)
04 Sigmund und Sein Freund:Floozy(Produced by Susf)
05 Kitchen of Insanity:Sitting in the Shades of Summer(Produced by Guarrici)





Produced by Kramer

Egineered By Steve Watson

Recorded at Noise New Jersey USA 1992

The Band: 
Genis U: guitar and vocals - K. Rel: guitar - Bo Lemaitre: bass guitar

Design: Manifesto

Lyrics an Music: By PbD



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