La Sigla del Sadico Esperto (1992)

  released summer 1992 Vinyl 

Shimmy Disc Europe

  14 tracks    48:15    

  released summer 1992 CD 

Shimmy Disc Europe

  17 tracks    54:10 



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Produced by Kramer

Egineered & Sequenced By Dolf

Recorded at ADM Koeienverhuurbedrijf Amsterdam august 26-30 1991

The Band: 
Genis U: guitar, vocals, drum machine programming and tapes - K. Rel: guitars and keyboards - Bo Lemaitre: bass, sampler, tapes and vocals

Dolf: demolition guitar, balalaika - Guy A3Aensen: slide guitar - Aad: accordion- Kali Mbangu: voice - Jankka Matilainen: acoustic guitar, voice - Anne Kahelin: vocals - Ahmed Al-Massoef: drums

Design and Photography:                                                                             Design: Nasser verlag - Cover photo by Maria Lena Helin from the film ARIEL by Aki Kaurismäki Ó 1988 Villealfa Film Productions Oy - PbD photography by Jef Vannijlen 

Lyrics and Music: By PbD, exept Pilvivärit by Jani J. Roppola - 15 September:Lyrics by PbD, Anne Kahelin, Jankka Matilainen and the Suosalo Sisters - Smile:Lyrics by PbD and Kali Mbangu

Press file:

PbD stands for sharp guitarnoise without compromise. No annoying straight on songs but inventive breaks, guitars cutting like plough shears and lyrics in 10 different languages in wich sex, politics and a certain 'mal de vivre' are important. Except for the exciting rocksongs like 'Kneedeep in Shit, 'Madam of the Mansion' or 'Kerosine', La Sigla also contains exotic folk, a hypnotising mantra and fascinating soundscapes who will only reveal their secrets after e few listening sessions. PbD: a group that combines profundity to an own vision. Un-Belgian Class. De Morgen.






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